Kace’s Story 2011

Kace’s incandescent smile lights up the room as she talks openly about her gratitude for Children of the City. “I have nothing but happy memories since Joyce (Mattera) rescued me.” Poised and articulate, it’s hard to imagine that this charismatic 11 year old was once a neglected toddler living in the squalor of an apartment invested with vermin and drug dealers.

At three years old, Kace had a mouth full of rotting baby teeth and was in desperate need of adult attention. Children of the City sought immediate care for Kace and her older sister, and long term resident treatment for their mother (who was suffering from a myriad of mental health issues and addiction.) Children of the City assumed guardianship of the girls and supported them through the process of assimilating into a stable home. The Matteras and Children of the City mentors and counselors worked with the girls to help them understand their mother’s illness and build their self-esteem.

“I would be on the streets, probably, if it weren’t for Children of the City” Kace reflected. “I never went back to my old house, but I was always allowed to see my mother.” Although her mother is still unable to assume parental duties, Kace feels content with her situation.

“I have a loving family. Really, I have three loving families,” Kace muses, counting the Mattera clan, her guardian family and her biological mother and sister as people who care about her and want her to succeed.