Helping Homeless Families

This fall, in addition to the 500 families that Children of the City serve annually in Brooklyn, we have taken on the challenge of an additional 10% of clients from the homeless shelters in Sunset Park. Children of the City are the first of the local agencies to step up to the plate and offer consistent and continuous help for the local shelter families. Our monthly “Super Saturday” program has provided an easy access outreach where parents can come for workshops, practical advice and the bare necessities of diapers and emergency food.

“This is a wonderful organization that is really involved in the community” commented Thomas Colella, a Guidance Counselor at PS 24. “They are present in the community and listen to the needs of the people who live here. They are tirelessly looking for ways to get people connected. They are passionate and resourceful. They are giving these kids the chance to experience being a kid. It gives them hope.”